Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name The Porch?

The name of the ministry is significant, and orginates from Acts 5:12-16, "And through the hands of the apostles many signs and wonders were done among the people.  And they were all together with one accord on Solomon's Porch...and believers were increasingly added to the Lord, multitudes of both men and woman...and they were all healed."  Together in one accord we pray that increasingly believers are added to the Lord, and that all are healed.


Who does The Porch serve?

DC high school students and young adults, mostly from Wards 7 and 8. Many students today are from a housing community in NE DC called Lincoln Heights.


How do youth hear about The Porch?

Porch are typically brought the first time by friends, siblings or teachers.


When did The Porch start?

The Porch started in 2008, at Washington Community Fellowship Church, in NE DC, when a number of youth of the neighborhood became coming to the church youth group.


How many youth have experienced The Porch since is started?

Since 2008, over 350 youth have connected to The Porch. Currently, we are walking closely with about 30 youth and young adults. 


Where does The Porch meet?

Large group meetings are hosted at Washington Community Fellowship Church and small groups are hosted in the homes of volunteers in the Capitol Hill area.


Which churches do Porch volunteers attend?

Porch volunteers have come primarily from 12 local DC churches: Capitol City Church, Christ Our Shepherd Church, Church of the Resurrection, Grace Covenant, Grace DC Downtown, Grace DC Meridian Hill, Grace DC Mosaic, National Community Church, Restoration DC, St. Brendan's in the City, Revolution DC, and Washington Community Fellowship Church. We are always trying to connect with more churches and invite new communities to partner with us!


How is The Porch funded?

The Porch is funded soley through the finanical partnership of individuals and churches.